IGI's supreme position in the gemological world is no coincidence. It is the result of continuous research, support and synergy with professionals and consumers alike.

IGI is the largest organization of its kind, with 18 laboratory locations certifying the widest variety of gemstones and jewelry in the world, and 14 schools of gemology offering the industry’s widest range of classes and diploma programs.

IGI has been an industry leader since 1975, introducing inscription and identification technologies, finished jewelry grading, co-branded certification, diverse scholastic programs and many other initiatives designed to improve and empower jewelry professionals.

A total commitment to understanding consumer concerns has motivated IGI to develop clear documentation and immersive analysis using the latest technologies. Sophisticated, yet clear and easily understood, IGI grading reports and appraisals are recognized around the world as a global standard of excellence.

Today IGI is the most trusted name for thorough, objective and expert assessment of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.