IGI's supreme position in the gemological world is no coincidence. It is the result of continuous research, support and synergy with professionals and consumers alike.

IGI is the largest organization of its kind, operating 18 laboratory locations around the world grading finished jewelry, natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and gemstones - and 14 schools of gemology graduating thousands of new jewelry professionals each year.

Our unique position

IGI is the only worldwide gemological institute serving consumer protection by evaluating and grading finished jewelry creations, as well as loose diamonds and colored gemstones.

The World leader in Hearts & Arrows diamond grading

IGI pioneered grading standards for "Hearts & Arrows" diamonds, cut so precisely that their facet reflections overlap when viewed in a reflective scope. Hearts & Arrows precision is typically associated with Excellent-Ideal cuts of superior quality. IGI was the first institute to offer co-branded reports to Hearts & Arrows diamond manufacturers and sellers and has become the preferred authority for Hearts & Arrows diamonds sold in Asia.

The World leader in Lab-Grown diamond grading

IGI was the first gemological institute to begin fully grading lab-grown diamonds in 2005. That decision provided a first-foothold in terms of authenticity and standardization for this growing industry segment. Today IGI has more experience and expertise than any other organization, instilling confidence in lab-grown diamond grading for the entire industry - from manufacturers and retailers to consumers.

The World Leader in jewelry evaluation

Issuing millions of reports annually, IGI’s experience and reach are unrivaled. IGI is the most trusted name in jewelry grading across North America, Europe and Asia. In 2020, responding to explosive growth in online sales, eBay India created a national program for sellers to have products graded by IGI, empowering trust and confidence among buyers in the world’s largest domestic jewelry market.

The World Leader in education

Offering more courses in more locations around the world, IGI’s schools of gemology are unrivaled in diversity and reach. From rough diamonds to computer-assisted jewelry design and retail support, IGI goes above and beyond traditional diamond and gemstone training, fostering creativity and graduating thousands of new jewelry professionals each year.

The World Leader in gemological variety

IGI instructs a wider variety of courses, provides a wider array of services and grades a wider variety of gemstones and jewelry in more locations around the world than any other gemological organization.

IGI co-created the modern laser-inscription process, was first to issue Jewelry Identification Reports, first to offer rough diamond courses, first to protectively seal diamonds, first to issue comprehensive cut-grading criteria, first to offer appraisal services and the first to offer co-branded reports in cooperation with renowned jewelry brands.

Adding value through authenticity

In the modern world even experts require specialized equipment to detect gemstone treatments and determine natural or lab-grown origins. IGI has been developing and implementing the world’s most advanced identification spectrometry since the 1980s, and was the first gemological institute to provide full assessment of lab-grown diamonds in 2005.

Partners in protection

To partner with IGI is to share in our commitment to transparency, authenticity and full disclosure for your clients. Providing independent authentication of your purchase from the world leader in jewelry evaluation builds a value-chain of protection from its creation all the way into your clients’ hands.

Commitment to clients

We are passionate about cultivating a more sustainable and compassionate jewelry industry. A shared commitment to transparency, authenticity and disclosure in the area of diamond, gemstone and jewelry analysis serves as the foundation of a partnership with IGI.