Diamond Shapes

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, each offering a unique look and feel. Here’s a breakdown of some popular diamond shapes:

Round Brilliant: This classic shape is the most popular, known for its exceptional brilliance and fire due to its many facets.

Fancy Shapes: These encompass all shapes other than round. They offer diverse styles and can sometimes appear larger for their carat weight, but generally cost less per carat than round diamonds. Here are some popular fancy shapes:

  • Princess: Square or rectangular with sharp corners, offering a modern and geometric look with excellent brilliance.
  • Emerald: Rectangular with cropped corners, known for its elegant lines and large facets that showcase clarity and color.
  • Oval: Combining the brilliance of round and the slenderness of marquise, ovals offer a flattering and elongated look.
  • Pear: Teardrop-shaped, resembling a teardrop, adding a romantic and vintage touch.
  • Marquise: Elongated with pointed ends, creating a dramatic and eye-catching appearance.

Choosing a diamond shape is a matter of personal preference. Consider factors like:

  • Your style: Do you prefer classic, modern, or something unique?
  • The cut quality: A well-cut diamond, regardless of shape, will sparkle beautifully.
  • Setting style: Certain shapes complement specific ring styles better.
  • Finger shape: Elongated shapes can flatter shorter fingers, while round diamonds work well for most.

Ultimately, the best diamond shape is the one that speaks to your heart and fits your budget.