IGI Jewelry Cad Course

Coreldraw Design Course

IGI CorelDraw Design Course
IGI’s Coreldraw Design course is designed to bridge the gap for budding designers who are interested in learning CorelDraw Design application for designing jewelry with ease. The course aims to define the practical aspects of designing along with training on accurate measurements required for every setting. Coreldraw 2D design software helps in giving a neater picture to a rough jewelry sketch created by an analog designer.


  • Understand the tools to use the software
  • Create your library of shapes and forms
  • Render jewelry metal
  • Construct various views of designs
  • Learn shortcuts for main tools.
  • Understand 5 popular settings in jewelry


  • Design jewelry with precise/ accurate measurements
  • Makes 3d designing easier / Reduces the workload of a 3D designer
  • Render designs to give a realistic view to the customers for easy selection

Career Options

The IGI graduates who have pursued their careers in the gem and jewelry industry mostly became: jewelry designer, freelancer, jeweler, jewelry manufacturer, entrepreneur, jewelry retailer, etc.

Program Options

FAQs : CorelDraw Design Course

Ans. You need not bring your own laptops. The classrooms at IGI are well equipped with all the requisite hardware and licensed software for the course.

Ans. It is recommended to have basic knowledge of jewelry designing prior to joining the course. The Jewelry Design Graduate course perfects your knowledge about jewelry designing, prepping you for the Accelerated Jewelry Design CorelDraw course.

Ans. The CorelDraw software is developed for both Mac and Windows users.

Ans. Kindly click on the given link to get the details.

Ans. A 15-day free trial version is available for both Windows and Mac users at https://www.coreldraw.com/en/. The students enrolling for Accelerated Jewelry Design CorelDraw course will be able to use the software at home to practice the tools and commands to create the designs.

Ans. To buy the licensed version of Coreldraw to design jewelry,
login to https://www.coreldraw.com/en/product/license/?topNav=en

Ans. No but they can be exported to different formats.

Ans. Yes.

Ans. Yes. The final assessment is held during the last week of the course module.

Ans. A course manual will be provided for reference.