Customized eLearning for Your Team

From the 4Cs to critical new information on Lab Grown Diamonds, to the many ways the Natural Diamond value chain sustains millions of indigenous people, IGI’s Diamond Program is ideal for new professionals and veterans alike

80% Higher Engagement

Courses are interactive! Learners make choices along the way for 80% higher engagement than traditional online learning.
Each course teaches gemological fundamentals while also highlighting the information jewelry buyers are most interested in.

Volume Licensing

Knowledge is Power

Train your whole staff! In the interest of continuous improvement, IGI offers volume licensing for groups of professionals.

Contact us for a quote on either program today.

Custom Sales Training Course

Bolt on additional sales training. We will design a customized course in tandem with your brand – revisiting core information and adding customized talking points designed to support your brand’s value propositions.

4 Course Program

Same material from 6 course program with 4Cs condensed into 2 parts.
5 courses when customized training is added.

The four course package covers the same topics as the six course package, but condenses the 4Cs into two parts: Great for those selling finished jewelry.

This becomes a 5 course package when customized training is added.

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