Lab Grown Diamonds

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Lab grown diamonds are commanding attention and interest from an increasing number of jewelry professionals and consumer shoppers. Rapid evolution of this sector means new developments are occurring regularly. This eLearning course teaches core gemological education while emphasizing information buyers and sellers find most relevant at point of sale.


Lab Grown Diamonds | Course 106

This eLearning course provides important information any jewelry professional or enthusiast should know about classification, technical growth and treatments – and separates promotional facts from fictions.

Learn with IGI

IGI pioneered full grading of lab grown diamonds in 2005, establishing the industry’s first footholds in disclosure, standardization, and authenticity. As the world’s first institute to hold ISO Accreditation in both natural and lab grown diamond grading IGI issues more reports for lab grown diamonds than any other organization today and screens millions of carats of melee for luxury brands and designers, separating lab grown and natural diamonds for use in different applications.

Lab Grown Diamonds | Course 106



Companion Courses: Diamond Program*

  • 4Cs: Carat Weight
  • 4Cs: Color
  • 4Cs: Clarity
  • 4Cs: Cut
  • The Natural Diamond Story

*Pass all six Diamond Program courses to receive an IGI Certificate of Completion

Lab Grown Diamonds | Course 106

  1. Lab grown diamonds and authenticity
  2. Lab grown diamond classification
  3. The HPHT and CVD growth processes
  4. Lab grown diamond detection and treatments
  5. Responsible promotion of lab grown diamonds


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