IGI E-services

Registration & Recovery


Register your jewelry in IGI's database to ensure the best chance of recovery* if damaged, lost or stolen.

Add a second layer of protection by insuring your jewelry with a reputable insurance provider to ensure replacement of commensurate quality.

After your registration is activated you can call IGI’s toll-free number to report loss, theft or damage covered by insurance.

  • If a piece is destroyed, IGI will provide you and your insurance company with a printed report, describing the article of jewelry in detail. The description will include carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, and cut information for mounted diamonds and gemstones, a description of precious metals used and a representative photograph. If the registered item was appraised by IGI, a retail replacement value for insurance purposes will be included.
  • If a piece is reported lost or stolen, IGI will alert jewelry industry partners equipped to provide local authorities with details about the piece. IGI will additionally monitor industry auction markets to provide alerts if the article appears for sale.
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1. Secure an IGI report

Secure an IGI report describing the jewelry article and/or diamond/gemstone.

2. Laserscribe

Have the IGI report number engraved on the ring or laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond (laser inscriptions are widely used and have no impact on diamond quality).

3. Complete Your IGI Registration Application.

By completing IGI’s Registration Application you empower IGI to connect your name and personal information to official, detailed descriptions of your jewelry stored in our registry.

Registration Fee $25

*IGI’s Registration & Recovery is not a warranty, repair, or replacement service.