Expressions Awards

IGI ExpressionsTM is a 100% online jewelry design competition organized by IGI at a global level. We invite talent from across the world to celebrate creativity on a common platform.

Based on the concept of creative freedom, IGI provides this platform where feelings can be conveyed in works of art. Expression is the depiction of emotion; the very essence of life. From birth, expression is the way we show love, anger, happiness, gratitude, pride, jealousy, honor, trust and more. IGI is pleased to invite the world’s artists to express their creativity through the IGI ExpressionsTM, where we encourage and celebrate excellence of talent.

Rewards & Awards

All Participants

  • Official IGI Expressions™ Participation Certificate


  • IGI Expressions™ Finalist Certificate
  • Recognition on IGI GemBlog
  • Exposure on IGI Social Channels

Six Winners

  • See your piece fabricated and brought to life!
  • IGI Expressions™ Champion Award
  • IGI Expressions™ Champion Certificate
  • Cash honorarium of $100
  • Recognition via Press Coverage
  • Recognition at Premium IGI D-Show
  • Recognition in IGI D'ORIGIN International Magazine
  • Recognition on IGI GemBlog
  • Exposure on IGI Social Channels

International Jury Panel

IGI ExpressionsTM Winners 2021

Six "Dream" Designs of Global Excellence

Millennial Light Weight Jewelry
Cocktail Jewelry
Bridal Wear Jewelry
Honorary Mention

The Freedom to Dream

Dreams are stories and images that our mind creates. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre. Dreams are also a representation of our aspirations, motivations, goals, desires and hopes. Dreams give us the freedom to imagine beyond.

We want you to interpret the word “Dreams” as you wish and convert it into an element of your design. You need to describe your concept and its interpretation in your design as part of your entry.

Enter A Dream

Participation Categories

Millennial Light Weight Jewelry

Small, lightweight jewelry, perfect for daily wear or what may be termed ‘the millennial style.’ It also includes delicate designs that could also be worn everyday to work / meetings / corporate events.

Cocktail Jewelry

A stylish piece of jewelry designed to attract attention with its size and colors; this piece should make a statement and stand out compared to any other jewelry worn. A perfect accessory for a cocktail party or a glamourous event.

Bridal Wear Jewelry

Every bride wants to look like a dream on her wedding day and why not, marriage is once in a lifetime event. The design in this segment must be a creation of dreams.

Competition Timelines

Start Date

22nd Sept 2021

Time Period to Submit Entries

22nd Sept – 22nd Oct 2021

Jury Round

26th Oct 2021

Winner Announcement

28th Oct 2021

Participation Segments

Hand Sketch Design
CAD (Computer Aided Design)
Six winners will be chosen: One per segment in each of three categories.

Competition Criteria

  • Globally any jewelry designer/ student is eligible to participate.
  • The artwork should be submitted as one entry. When entering a set with multiple pieces (for example, necklace + earrings + ring) the entry will be considered a single submission, so the pieces need to be uploaded together.
  • The entries have no restrictions on style, design or choice of jewelry item.
  • It is not allowed to include any names or indications that may reveal the participant’s identity. Even in the description about the jewelry, the participant’s identity must not be revealed.

Submission Specifications

Design size: A4 (210 x 285 mm)
Full color
The top and bottom of the work need to be identified
Image accuracy: 300 DPI resolution
Image format:  .jpg,   .jpeg,   .png

Thank you for such tremendous response! IGI will be back with IGI ExpressionsTM in 2022.

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