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Forbes proclaims IGI eLearning ‘First-rate professional education’, “Home Page for the World’s Business Leaders,” has published an article describing IGI’s new eLearning Courses on diamonds as “first-rate professional online gemological education, ideally suited and ideally timed for a global audience.”

The piece, titled “IGI Introduces New Series Of Online, Interactive Diamond And Jewelry Education Courses,” is a strong overview of the institute’s initiative to deliver effective learning in an manageable time-frame. Offered on a unique interactive platform which draws 80% more engagement than traditional online learning, each course takes less than 45 minutes to complete.

Online Learning

‘Knowledge within the reach of millions’ author Kyle Roderick, a former writer for the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), commented on the ease of access to IGI’s courses.

It’s worth noting here that it’s relatively rare for so much valuable gemological education to be so easily and widely accessible. With a digital device, an Internet connection, funds for the six classes, plus the will to complete the six paid or the one free diamond course, jewelry knowledge upgrades are readily within the reach of millions.

Six Paid Courses. One For Free.

The six courses in the diamond program are designed for jewelry sales professionals, avid consumer enthusiasts or anyone wishing to learn more about the complexities of diamonds. There are courses for each of the Diamond 4Cs, one about lab grown diamonds and another covering the Natural Diamond Story. Each course instructs key gemological fundamentals, while emphasizing what diamond shoppers find most interesting and useful at point of sale.

IGI has made the seventh course, “How To Buy A Diamond,” available to anyone at no charge. This course was designed to help new diamond shoppers prepare properly, develop an action plan, avoid certain missteps and seek out the diamond and jeweler which fits their situation best, whether local or online.

Diamond ring in box

IGI North American President Avi Levy was quoted by Forbes on the impetus for developing the free course.

Many people who want to buy diamond jewels are at a disadvantage because they’re unaware of the essential facts and nuances that can account for a diamond’s perceived beauty, gemological quality and market value. Although many people take the time to research diamonds before buying, their attempts can be hindered by online misinformation, unqualified or ill-informed salespeople or inaccurate marketing claims. – Avi Levy

‘A Nexus of research, grading and education’

In the article’s opening statement Roderick described IGI’s position in the industry, serving the world’s diamond, gemstone and jewelry sellers and consumers since 1975.

With 20 grading laboratories in North America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia and the Middle East, the 45-year old, Antwerp, Belgium-based International Gemology Institute (IGI) grades more gemstones and finished jewelry in more cities than any other organization of its type. As a nexus of gemological research, gemstone grading; issuing of grading reports and education, IGI serves clients ranging from global jewelry brands to individual jewelry owners, while its 14 gemological institutes train and certify graduate gemologists in various locales.

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