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2020 vision

From the beginning, the International Gemological Institute has had total commitment to understanding consumer concerns. So it’s appropriate, at the beginning of 2020, that we are launching another means of reaching, teaching, and connecting with consumers and professionals alike.

Welcome to the IGI GemBlog

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance and advantage of online connectivity cannot be overstated. IGI is the largest organization of its kind, with 18 laboratory locations certifying the widest variety of gemstones and jewelry in the world, and many schools of gemology offering the industry’s widest range of classes and diploma programs.

As we move into 2020, we’re delighted to begin sharing information and intelligence on this platform, along with other channels in our worldwide network.

Information and intelligence from IGI worldwide.

IGI has been an industry leader since 1975, introducing inscription and identification technologies, finished jewelry grading, co-branded certification, diverse scholastic programs and many other initiatives.

As we enter our 45th year of service, support and synergy, we are pleased to report our strong 2020 vision and hope you enjoy the new IGI GemBlog.


The global authority in diamond, gemstone and jewelry grading.

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  1. Edva C.

    Wauw 45 years already ?! Keep up the good work IGI !!

  2. Jesse

    Your 2020 vision is right on point. Enjoyed your content thus far. Looking forward for more to come!

  3. Shani Cohen

    This is very impressive, way to go!

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