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7 Staple Jewelry Items for Every Girl (and Boy)

Some looks are timeless.

What the Tiffany Solitaire is to bridal jewelry, the seven staples below are to daily fashion. Each is a versatile classic which has stood the test of time. Easy to accessorize, suitable for nearly any occasion, we return to these popular pieces again and again.

Hers and His

Ladies aren’t the only gender with these icons in their jewelry boxes. Men are finding them transformative as well. More and more, ladies and gentlemen alike are employing these accents for their timeless style, beauty and character. Buying these pieces doesn’t require rationalization. Once secured they will stay in your wardrobe forever. Best of all, any of them is suitable for gifting. Even the fussiest fashionistas and modern trendsetters love the classics.

So let’s get started. And – if you’re missing any of these pieces – it’s the perfect time to drop hints ahead of Valentine’s Day.


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The simplest, most versatile piece of jewelry one can own, diamond studs are elegant in any setting. Whether worn as a pair or singly, the classic stud – in all of its common carat weight iterations – adds a perfect, unpretentious amount of sparkle to your complexion.

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Unlike a standalone statement necklace, layering necklaces in various manners can work just as well for a night at the opera as a day at the beach. Several subtle layers offers a lighter presence while still adding the right amount of kick. Combinations are key here. You want the presentation to seem effortless, but it takes practice and versatility to master many looks.

No, really. It’s a good excuse to keep adding to your collection.


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A medium sized hoop in polished gold is sophisticated enough for dressy occasion while working perfectly well when dressed-down. Traditionally speaking, hoop earrings also have significance in several cultures, among males and females, as symbols of strength and identity.


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Linked bracelets are worn by trendy, fashion-forward thinkers as much as they are by traditionalists. Sometimes plain, sometimes adorned with accents or gemstones, this classic style is a gift-giver’s favorite.


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Stacking rings might be a more recent trend – unless we count royal families who did this long before it became fashionable in the modern world – but rings themselves are timeless. From a matching series of plain bands to mashing up bands, embellishments and gemstone-adorned styles, there can never be too many rings in your jewelry box.


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, whomever you are – there is a signet ring with your name on it. And there really could be. Dating back to 3500 BC, the signet ring was first used to stamp a person’s personal mark of authenticity in wax. Fortunately, you’re not limited to one, so find all of the signet rings which resonate – and “do you.”


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A strand of pearls may be the most iconic item among these jewelry staples. Whether drop earrings, a brooch or a classic white pearl necklace, the celebrated pearl stands perfectly on its own, or modernized and mixed in contemporary designs.

And now, thanks to the recent influence of Pharrell Williams and Usher, among others, more and more men are joining this trend.

Welcome to the party, boys.

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