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Diamonds Created without Heat – a Scientific First

Our planet's supply of diamonds were produced by four different processes. One took over a million years to achieve results. The next have been working in laboratories and factories, with increasing success, since the 1950s. But until this month man had never replicated that final process.

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Gift Ring
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Americans are buying diamonds instead of vacations

USA jewelry sales are climbing. Signet Jewelers, the parent of Kay and Jared, saw sales rise at the end of the last quarter and continue to climb in August. Tiffany & company reported the same trend. And diamond jewelry was one of the top product categories at both Macy's and Bloomingdale's during the quarter ending August 1.

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IGI President Avi Levy featured on Smiling Rocks podcast

Discussing the world situation, the need to evolve and the importance of education, transparency and authority, Avi Levy, President of IGI North America provided diamond industry insight to Smiling Rocks CEO and Co-founder Zulu Ghevriya on their company podcast.

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Beautiful, creative 2020 proposal stories

The stories of beautiful, creative 2020 wedding proposals are ongoing. This is something to celebrate. Something to share and spread. Every time I hear of a new adaptive, creative spirited marriage proposals during these past months are uplifting. I thought it would be nice to "share and spread" some of that joy here.

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