Lab Grown Diamonds
Credit: CBS News

CBS News: Lab Grown Diamonds Reshape Industry

The lab grown diamond market is projected to reach nearly $50 billion in 2030. Earlier this month CBS’ Nancy Chen investigated lab grown diamonds and the reasons behind one young couple’s choice.

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The World leader in Lab Grown diamond grading

IGI pioneered the grading of lab grown diamonds in 2005, providing a first foothold in authenticity and standardization for this growing industry segment. Today IGI has more experience and expertise than any other organization, instilling confidence in lab-grown diamond grading for the entire industry – from manufacturers and retailers to consumers.


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  1. Dan Scott

    This is certainly a one-sided story, be it a positive and factual one for lab.
    It would be nice to learn of the positive news IGI is actively involved in specific to mined diamonds as well.

    1. John Pollard

      Thank you for the comment Dan, and the opportunity to share some information. IGI is represented on the Board of Directors for Diamonds Do Good and a member of the World Diamond Council. We partner with top luxury brands, screening millions of carats of their melee to ensure ‘natural’ brand integrity, and we are proactively teaching courses to professionals on several continents which cover the critical support the natural diamond revenue stream brings to indigenous communities in some of the world’s most remote locations.

      Some prior posts that may be of interest:

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