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IGI Expressions™ Showcase: Accessory Finalists

From a starting pool of more than 500 submissions, IGI is pleased to present the Accessory designs selected as finalists from the 2022 IGI Expressions™ Jewelry Design Competition.

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Our sincere thanks to all participants for the impressive volume of talented concepts submitted.

Finalist #1

Renewal in nature. The sketch is the design of a watch that shows the passage of time and at the same time show the passage from season to season; the gradual death of nature and the earth through autumn and winter and its renewal in spring and summer.

Finalist #2

Metamorphosis of a butterfly. In its transformation from the caterpillar to the exquisite winged creature of delicate beauty, it has become a symbol for rebirth and resurrection, for the triumph of the spirit and the soul over the physical prison.

Finalist #3

Death of Socrates with Hemlock Cup BROOCH. By drinking the cup of death and removing himself from material world, Socrates immortalized himself for centuries. Sometimes, to renew and survive, you should pass away. Can be seen the hemlock and classic style.

Finalist #4

The green tiny seed knew that in order to grow it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness and STRUGGLE to reach the light. Therefore we can renewal and grow from hardships too. We should take a lesson from this pic and nature as a big teacher.


Finalist #5

Life often has phases from bloom to decay but one must remember that decay is pathway to a new bloom. The brooch shows that precise journey from rise to fall to rise again. It has an underlying mechanism which brings the bird affront on rotation.

Finalist #6

Winter will end, spring will come, new life will sprout up, and everything will start to erratically grow. The plague will eventually stop, and all will be restored. In the year of the rabbit, may your dreams and your happiness come true.

Finalist #7

Yellow butterfly & golden pearl symbolize the sunrise in east and arrival of spring. The color of black agate to black butterfly shell changes gradually, which seems to see the change of four seasons and the abundant spring scenery.

Finalist #8

The design of the work is inspired by a very short life, constantly changing the body shape of the single-celled organism – Blepharisma; It is small but shows the strength of life, like human beings among others, trying various ways to make a living.

Finalist #9

Nowadays, plastic is replacing the beauty of the ocean. By my design, I want people to see our suffering ocean still having hope to live better. Renewal in the way of life & provision for our future life.

Finalist #10

Just like our life there many problems in life some of them may defeat us. We’re driven to last ditch but like cocoon, which seems to be the end of a caterpillar life, it begin of new butterfly. So I hope this piece of work brings courage to the wearer.

Finalist #11

The Eye of all Souls

Finalist #12

The Whale Fall Brooch introduces the concept of “Life After Death” – A whale dies, all lives thrive. When whales die and sink, their carcasses provide a bounty of nutrients for deep-sea ecosystem for up to 100 years.

Finalist #13

A cocoon that is woven (smoky quartz), and from its heart, the colorful world of the butterfly flies out. What in the design of a crown, metaphorically embodies the mental cocoon that is in the desire to through a renewal become a butterfly and fly…

Finalist #14

This brooch, “Power of rejuvenation” showcases the beautiful forms of life in a well-balanced harmony strengthened and guarded by power of Nature. It represents the power of a renewed sense of living featuring Jade and onyx symbolizing flourishing life.

Finalist #15

I have made a hairpin which showing the growth of light like how the light is spreading in all the villages. I have shown all this in design like, white diamonds indicates lights and red stone indicates diyas, early only it was light. Wing shows sparkle.

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