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IGI Shanghai ribbon-cutting ceremony, January 9, 2020

IGI Shanghai opens new headquarters

On January 9, 2020, IGI Shanghai opened new offices in the prestigious Bund Finance Center. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by industry and business leaders, along with principals and personnel from IGI Worldwide.

Yan Nanhai, vice president of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, expressed his belief that IGI Shanghai would promote mutual understanding between IGI and China’s domestic jewelry industry, growing in reputation and confidence by bringing more internationalized information to consumers.

“With the rapid development of the Chinese jewelry market, IGI offers the possibility for the domestic industry to improve acumen and gain international empowerment” said Roland Lorie, Global CEO of IGI. Lorie further noted that IGI’s presence opens a global window to diversified communication for China’s jewelry professionals.

Written blessings, affirmations, flower bouquets and congratulations marked the occasion and reflected the ceremony’s theme: “New start, new journey, new hope.”

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun, writes a blessing

Student and customer representatives of IGI were also invited to the ceremony, in recognition of the vital role such stakeholders have played in the growth and development of IGI in China.

The ceremony concluded with a presentation by IGI for all attendees, reviewing worldwide diamond industry and market dynamics in 2019 and predicting trends for the foreseeable future.

Established in China in 2010, IGI has brought education and sales training to thousands of Chinese industry professionals. IGI will continue to popularize and promote knowledge of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry – now operating from the heart of Shanghai.

IGI Worldwide principals from around the globe


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