You are currently viewing Incredible 5.00 carat Pink Lab Grown Diamond Cross

Incredible 5.00 carat Pink Lab Grown Diamond Cross

IGI recently graded this incredible 5.00 carat Fancy Intense Orangy Pink Lab Grown Diamond Cross from FireDiamonds.

5.00 carat Fancy Intense Organgy Pink VS1

The remarkable adamantine icon was planned and polished from a single piece of CVD-grown rough. Planned with a cutting style reminiscent of emerald and asscher cuts, its crafting culminated in this elegant modified cross step-cut.

Nearly an Inch in Height

Brought to intense saturation using a sophisticated process of irradiation, at 21.12 millimeters length, the finished FIOP VS1 cross is nearly an inch in height.

Photo credit: FireDiamonds

Click to see the full IGI Lab Grown Diamond Report.

Our thanks to the professionals at FireDiamonds for permitting us to share the images and information.




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