Hamsa Pendant

See a 13 ct Vivid Blue Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

This Hamsa-inspired pendant, recently graded by IGI, features a single 13.28 carat Fancy Vivid Blue lab grown diamond as the star of the show. Classified as a free form modified brilliant cut, the pendant is set with 146 natural round brilliant diamonds mounted in 22K yellow gold, along with a 0.11 carat Fancy Deep Blue round brilliant cut lab grown diamond ‘eye.’

Our thanks to Ben Hakman and the team at Fire Diamonds for permission to share the images and information.

IGI: 13.28 ct ‘Hamsa’ Lab Grown Diamond

The Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet seen in jewelry and art throughout the Middle East and North Africa, widely considered a symbol of protection, health, fertility, good fortune and abundance to those who wear it or display it in their homes.

The Perfect Pendant

The pendant application promotes function, as well as fashion. When a Hamsa is worn facing up, it’s thought by many to ward off negativity. When worn facing down it’s said to attract good fortune and abundance. However it flips, this Hamsa pendant is thought to attract positive energy for its wearer.

Tremendous work by the creative team – let’s give them a hand.

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Grading Report

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