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Watch a video rainbow of lab-grown diamonds

Last week we posted an array of photos of lab-grown diamonds in rainbow colors. We’re circling back today with a video-compilation of that same collection, all produced by the team at Diamond DNA.

Weighing between 0.71 and 4.09 carats, the collection is a diverse rainbow of pinks, orangy-pinks, purplish-pinks, orangy-red, blues, and yellows with saturation ranging from dark and deep to intense and vivid. Fashioned in the brilliant style of cutting, the rough crystals were shaped as pears, ovals and rounds – along with half-moon, cushion-modified, cut-cornered-rectangular and square-modified shapes.

Many thanks to Ben Hakman and Diamond DNA for providing the images and video.

A rainbow of lab-grown diamonds

While most of these rainbow stones were grown using the High Pressure High Temperature process, several were produced through Chemical Vapor Deposition.

You can find more information, pictures and an accompanying rainbow of poetry in our previous post: Lab-grown diamonds in rainbow colors.

John Pollard

John Pollard is an educational consultant and subject matter expert for diamond producers, grading laboratories and jewelers in the USA, Europe and Asia. He has lectured for JCK Las Vegas, IGI workshops in New York, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, the American Gem Society in Washington D.C., GIA's Alumni Association and other industry organizations.

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