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IGI Expressions Surges to Over 1,000 Entries from 40 Countries

IGI Expressions, the free jewelry design competition hosted by IGI, has attracted 1,141 unique entries this year, the highest total by far. The submissions period, which ended on January 31, had been extended by a week due to surging popular demand.

The online submissions, sent to IGI from a total of 40 different countries, include hand-drawn Sketches, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) files and iPad files. Participants selected their choice of submissions type in one of three design categories, Statement Piece, Convertible Jewelry and Perfume Bottle or Jewelry Box.

“We witness the vital role creativity plays in designing gemstone jewelry that moves and inspires others,” noted IGI CEO Tehmasp Printer. “IGI is pleased to continue encouraging and supporting creative talent on this platform where we invite jewelry enthusiasts around the world to participate and be recognized.”

Tehmasp Printer
Tehmasp Printer, IGI CEO

Esteemed International Jury

Each year the IGI Expressions™ competition boasts a distinguished panel of international judges. This year’s six-person panel boasts a diverse array of global knowledge, experience, and expertise.


Punit Balana is an International Fashion Designer who has immersed himself in the pursuit of mastering the techniques of Jaipur’s indigenous crafts since 2001.

Severine Ferrari is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Engagement 101 Magazine and a Parisian transplant to New York City who champions the elevation of marriage proposals and women’s empowerment.

Tania Heikal is a Professional gemologist, influencer, and blogger based in the UAE with many years of progressive experience and research in the diamond, gemstone, and jewelry industry.

Pradeep Jethani, the CEO of Jet Gems, is a self-taught high-end jewelry designer and producer of exclusive statement jewelry pieces created with unique combinations of gemstones, diamonds, and metals.

Helen Mao is an International Jewelry Consultant, Jewelry Author, and Curator with over 29 years of experience in the Chinese jewelry industry.

Sonal Sawan Sukha, the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Jewel Saga, is a professionally trained jewelry designer and curator of jewelry design courses.


This year’s theme was “Abstract Design and Retro Motifs.” Participants were encouraged to draw inspiration from their everyday surroundings, personal stories, and individual experiences as they approached the fusion of design and theme.

Approximately 50 designs will become competition finalists, from which nine champions will be selected, one in each submission segment, for each of the three categories.

Every person who participates in the competition will receive an official IGI Expressions™ Participation Certificate. Nine submissions will be selected as winners, and those designs will be fabricated and brought to life. The winning designers will receive a variety of benefits, including an IGI Expressions™ Champion Trophy, Champion Certificate, 3D prints of their design, recognition via press coverage, exposure on IGI’s GemBlog and social channels, and a $500 check (Sanctioned Regions Excluded).

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