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IGI Provides Customized Instruction for Polish Students

For the first time, IGI is instructing a private diamond course to 12 members of the Polish Association of Jewelry Appraisers, Stowarzyszenie Rzeczoznawców Jubilerskich (SRJ). The students are jewelers, dealers and enthusiasts who wish to sharpen their skills at expert analysis and accurate grading of diamonds.

Polish Students at IGI Antwerp

Comprehensive practice

The course is being instructed at IGI’s School Of Gemology in Antwerp, Belgium over a two week period with the assistance of a translator. To prepare for IGI’s advanced curriculum, the students took a prerequisite course instructed by SRJ in Warsaw. The sessions in Antwerp are designed to provide extended theoretical knowledge and comprehensive hands-on practice to facilitate the understanding of various fancy shapes, imitations, treatments, and modern lab grown diamonds.

Teacher at IGI Antwerp

Student testimonials

Tomasz Pagacz, a 42 year old jeweler from Bielsko-Biala expressed his appreciation for knowledge presented in a simple and understandable way: “I enjoy practicing with so many different types of stones,” he states. “It was especially useful to learn the differences between natural and lab grown diamonds. I can use this knowledge with clients on a daily basis, and this course provides great motivation to further my professional development by learning even more.”

Polish Students at IGI Antwerp

According to Kamil Szymczyk, a 31 year old jeweler from Katowice, the knowledge gained will be of use every day at work in both sales and acquisitions. “It was useful to have practical sessions with so many different types of stones in such a friendly atmosphere,” he observes. “I can use the knowledge to import diamonds from Antwerp more consciously in the future.”

Polish Students at IGI Antwerp

“Highest level knowledge”

SRJ was responsible for recruitment of the students, stating that the course “will take place at IGI in Antwerp, one of the best gemological laboratories in the world. It is dedicated to all those who want to gain knowledge about diamonds at the highest, world level.”

Since its inception, SRJ has worked to promote high standards and qualifications for gemstone and jewelry appraisers.

Polish Students with Diplomas

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