1975 - 1985

  • IGI was established in 1975 and is today the oldest laboratory in Antwerp
  • IGI's School of Gemology is first to conduct training courses covering rough diamonds
  • IGI Laserscribe System Mark patent introduces a method to permanently mark diamonds using laser beams
  • IGI is the first laboratory to issue Jewelry Identification Reports
  • IGI is the only laboratory in the world providing repair and re-cut of diamonds
  • IGI is the first lab to seal diamonds for protection purpose
  • IGI develops the first comprehensive diamond cut grading chart

1986 - 1999

  • IGI is first to perform permanent inscription on the table of diamonds, using ion beam technology
  • IGI Laboratories become fully equipped to identify any kind of synthetic diamond
  • IGI develops UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer to identify treated diamonds
  • IGI develops its own photoluminescence spectrometer to identify HPHT-processed diamonds
  • IGI is the first laboratory to go worldwide under one management. Today 17 offices

2000 – Present

  • IGI develops an innovative system for the grading of small diamonds
  • IGI is the first laboratory to issue co-branded certificates in cooperation with renowned jewelry industry brands
  • IGI introduces hands-on courses to factories for the purpose of improving manufacturing
  • IGI introduces supplemental courses to sales people and enthusiasts to improve their professional knowledge
  • IGI creates the Hearts and Arrows Diamond Reports with worldwide recognition