Around the world, IGI grading reports bring confidence to buyers and sellers alike.

The value of a precious stone is determined by its gemological makeup, natural rarity and finished quality. Gemstones of similar appearance can have notably different values. In the modern world, even experts require specialized tools to detect treatments, enhancements and synthetics.

Importance of IGI Certification IGI screens every gemstone using state of the art technologies to determine naturally mined, laboratory grown or simulant origin. Experienced graduate gemologists conduct further assessment in controlled conditions, detailing relevant gemological characteristics according to the strictest international system.

Precious stones should only change hands when all parties are confident in the details. Regardless of location or marketplace, an IGI report is the common language of trust in the gemological world, and an essential part of any transaction.


IGI Diamond Report
Diamond Report
IGI Jewelry report
Jewelry report
IGI Colored stone report
Colored stone report
IGI Lab Grown Report
Lab Grown Report