IGI Jewelry Design Course

Jewelry Design Course

IGI Jewelry Design Course
IGI's Jewelry Design Graduate course brings out each individual's innate creativity, helping enthusiasts to design with ability and confidence. It makes an apprentice designer learn the basics and complexities of designing any type of jewelry, along with estimating its cost. Through practical work, designers are assisted to express their creativity by designing a portfolio of their own styles.


  • Introduction to jewelry and its components
  • Drawing and illustration of faceted and non-faceted gemstones
  • Settings in jewelry
  • Textures on metal
  • Designing various forms of jewelry
  • Gold calculation
  • Budgeting of the jewelry design
  • Pricing of diamonds and colored stones
IGI Jewelry Design Course


  • Use of simple tools for effective design
  • Two day workshop on handcrafted jewelry
  • Designing a portfolio
  • Gold, diamond and craftsmanship calculations
  • Available in India and U.A.E.

Career Options

The IGI graduates who have pursued their careers in the gem and jewelry industry mostly became: jewelry designer, freelancer, jeweler, jewelry manufacturer, entrepreneur, jewelry retailer, etc.

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FAQs : Jewelry Design Graduate Course

Ans. The Jewelry Design Graduate course will guide you towards creating exceptionally beautiful designs using the traditional sketching method. You will be taught the basics of designing and the elements that constitute a unique design. From rendering different types of gemstones and settings in jewelry, to gold calculation and budgeting, you will become well versed in all the nuances and intricacies. By the end of the course, you will have a portfolio of at least 20 designs ready.

Ans. We recommend 12th pass students for the jewelry designing course; However, anyone can enroll in the program.

Ans. The course runs for 2 months.

Ans. Yes, you can. You will be awarded a diploma upon completion of the program. You will be well prepared to establish your own venture.

Ans. A certified jewelry designer is eligible for a full-time job with any jewelry company, or may choose to join the industry as a freelancer.

Ans. Yes, you can.

Ans. Yes, we do offer online courses. The online course lasts 3 weeks.

Ans. We will provide assistance to our students via our well-established industry networks. While we may not be directly involved in the recruitment or employment process, we will try and ensure that our students are well placed.