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Jewelry Industry Giants Signet & DeBeers Collaborate in Botswana

Gina Drosos, CEO of Signet Jewelers and Al Cook, CEO of DeBeers Group, convened in Botswana earlier this week to explore future collaboration opportunities, with a focus on championing the unique advantages inherent in promotion and sales of natural diamonds.

Purpose of Inspiring Love

“Signet is driven by purpose, and witnessing how the diamonds we source, polish, and sell contribute to the growth and development of nations like Botswana is truly gratifying,” said Gina Drosos. “Botswana has experienced one of the world’s fastest per capita economic growth rates since the discovery of diamonds, and our ongoing commitment has played a role in this transformation. Over a quarter of the national GDP now comes from diamonds, positively impacting education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Our team of over 200 members actively engages with the local Botswana community, and our Signet Direct Sourcing has become an excellent workplace. Furthermore, witnessing Botswana’s strides in conservation and environmental stewardship has been inspiring. Our partnerships here align with our Purpose of Inspiring Love, and we aim to educate our customers about the origin of their diamonds and the positive impact on people’s lives.”

During their visit, Drosos and the Signet team toured the Jwaneng mine, renowned as the world’s most valuable diamond mine, including a hospital supporting the local community. Drosos also visited Signet’s diamond polishing facility in Botswana which employees 201 professionals, over 88% of whom are Botswana citizens and 63% are women.

Diamond Polishers
Credit: Robert Weldon

A Common Passion

“We are delighted to collaborate with Signet.” added Al Cook. “Our companies span from Botswana, the primary diamond producer, to the United States, the leading diamond market. We share a common passion for natural diamonds and their potential for societal good. As we deepen our commitment to sourcing diamonds from Botswana, we are also fortifying our relationship with Signet in the United States and beyond.”

Drosos had previously traveled to Botswana as a tourist, and visited there following her promotion to Signet CEO. This was her third visit to the country.

“Botswana has gone from the lowest GDP country in Africa to one of the highest,” she observed. “The literacy rate went from among the lowest to among the highest. The education system is fantastic. Health care is excellent. It’s really such a smart way that the government has partnered with the industry to be able to advance the interest of the people.”

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