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New e-commerce platform offers ‘Future Forward’ jewelry

The Future Rocks (TFR) is a Hong Kong based platform offering ‘future-forward’ jewelry, espousing the shared values of sustainability, innovation and creativity. Since launching last year the online marketplace has more than tripled its roster of brands and products.

Catering to a growing desire for transparency and social responsibility, products offered come from a host of forward-thinking creatives, including Parisian innovator Courbet, a designer turning electronic waste into recycled metals and Maren, a German jeweler that has achieved B-Corp certification. In addition to established entities the marketplace is supporting emerging jewelry designers, giving them a place to communicate their unique stories and values and sell their products.

The Future Rocks Jewelry Marketplace
Photo credit: The Future Rocks

‘The Right Thing’

The creatives behind TFR say they are on a quest for a better future, believing in a circular economy powered by eco-consciousness, transparent business philosophy, and transparent practices. While those involved come from a variety of backgrounds, they are uniformly focused on social responsibility; fostering a collective sense of belonging while embracing individual differences and values:

We are game changers in a world where vanity and elegance often come at the expense of our future… We take pride in bringing you curated products that are good for you as they are for the planet. While we don’t have all the answers, we strive to do the right thing for future generations.

The Future Rocks Jewelry Marketplace
Photo credit: The Future Rocks

Value-Driven Offerings

TFR’s primary audience includes self-empowered members of younger generations seeking value-driven products which are both socially responsible and stylish. To that end, the site’s various brands and designers rely heavily on the use of recycled precious metals and lab grown diamonds & colored gemstones in their products.

Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Tsang

Anthony Tsang

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