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Prager replaces Lussier as NDC Chair

David Prager

David Prager, Chief Brand Officer of De Beers is taking on the role of Chairman at the Natural Diamond Council (NDC). He replaces outgoing Chairman and Director Stephen Lussier, one of the NDC’s co-founders.

Originally known as the Diamond Producers’ Association, the National Diamond Council was established to advance the integrity of the modern natural diamond jewelry industry and inspire, educate and protect the consumer.

Stephen Lussier

Lussier shared in a statement:

“Consumer desire for diamonds and the demand for diamond jewelry form the very bedrock of our industry. The NDC’s work is crucial in maintaining and strengthening this consumer desire, a fact that is particularly evident in the current market. I remain entirely confident that, with the right marketing, the allure of diamonds will endure indefinitely.”

David Kellie, the CEO of the group, addedd, “I will miss Stephen’s mentorship, but I also extend my best wishes for his well-deserved retirement.”

“Across time and borders, natural diamonds stand apart as a source of value and values,” said David Prager. “I would like to thank Stephen for his singular contribution to the NDC since its inception. I am proud to serve as Chairman of the NDC and support its dedicated team to connect more people around the world to the diamond dream.”

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