Diamond 4Cs: Carat Weight

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Carat, spelled with a C, is the standard unit of weight for gemstones. Did you know that two diamond shapes of the same carat weight may not look the same size when viewed from the top, or that diamonds of the same shape and weight can look different sizes? This eLearning course teaches core gemological education while emphasizing information buyers and sellers find most relevant at point of sale.



Diamond 4Cs: Carat Weight | Course 101

This eLearning course provides important information involving industry terms for carat weight, the impact of shape on weight, how to determine the physical spread of a diamond, in addition to its weight and the disproportionate impact carat weight has on value as it increases.

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Diamond 4Cs: Carat Weight | Course 101



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Diamond 4Cs: Carat Weight | Course 101

  1. Carat weight vocabulary
  2. Diamond shapes and size appearance
  3. Using physical spread
  4. Carat weight and diamond value
  5. Total Carat Weight