Diamond 4Cs: Cut

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The cut of a diamond refers to everything man has done in the process of converting it from a rough crystal into a finished gemstone capable of the brightness, fire and sparkle which make diamonds the most popular of all gemstones. This eLearning course teaches core gemological education while emphasizing information buyers and sellers find most relevant at point of sale.



Diamond 4Cs: Cut | Course 104

This eLearning course provides important information about diamond craftsmanship, faceting styles and resulting aesthetics, diamond anatomy, how a gemstone’s collective proportions influence light behavior and how the shaping, polishing and light behavior of a polished diamond is graded.

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IGI grades more diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry in more locations around the world than any other gemological organization. IGI is the world’s first institute to hold ISO Accreditation in both natural and lab grown diamond grading and the only worldwide institute protecting consumers by grading finished diamond jewelry, as well as loose gemstones.

Diamond 4Cs: Cut | Course 104



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Diamond 4Cs: Cut | Course 104

  1. Faceting styles and grading components
  2. Diamond anatomy and proportions
  3. Visual diamond performance components
  4. Cut grading methodology
  5. The importance of cut