Screening Services

IGI offers the industry’s most advanced screening and detection services. The world’s most prestigious brands rely on IGI as their authoritative resource for authenticity and quality assessment.

Services offered
  • Diamonds: Round and fancy shapes
  • Mounted Jewelry

  • IGI screens every diamond using state of the art technologies to determine naturally mined, laboratory grown or simulant origin.
  • Natural diamonds are sealed in tamper-proof bags with a stamp declaring date of analysis, seal-number, test-result (“Natural Diamond”), total parcel weight and customer reference.

The protocol and procedure is identical in all IGI locations.

Natural diamonds are sealed in tamperproof bags. Void stickers appended to the bag states; date of analysis, seal number, testing result (“Natural Diamond”), total parcel weight, and customer reference.

For more information, fees or custom related services please contact us at info@igi.org or call your closest IGI worldwide location.