Rough Diamond Course

The beauty of a diamond emerges not only after it has been polished; nature endows diamonds with beautiful and unique shapes, and to study them in their rough state is an art and science in itself. This course is one-of-a-kind, and the only such practical evaluation rough diamond course available in the market.


  • "Morphology" or study of diamond forms
  • Sorting of rough
  • Techniques for grading clarity and color
  • Impact of tension and fluorescence
  • Yield estimation and planning
  • Determining price of single stones and rough parcels
  • Origin determination
  • Rough scanning and analysis using specialized computer software


  • Intensive lab sessions
  • Working with industrial and gem quality rough of all shapes and sizes
  • Manual planning using gauges and simple tools
  • Systematic pricing format

Career Options

The IGI graduates who have pursued their careers in the gem and jewelry industry mostly became: rough diamond grader, valuer, trader, miner, evaluator, appraiser for customs department, diamond manufacturer, entrepreneur, etc.

Program Options