IGI eLearning: Interactive Courses for Diamond and Gemstone Knowledge

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) offers an interactive eLearning platform designed for jewelry professionals and enthusiasts aiming to:

  • Build a foundation in gemology
  • Stay updated on modern information relevant to diamond and gemstone buyers
  • Gain knowledge applicable in real-world scenarios

Key features of IGI eLearning:

  • Interactive format: Learners answer questions throughout the courses, ensuring they understand the material before moving on.
  • Focus on practical application: Courses emphasize talking points useful for discussing diamonds and gemstones with clients.
  • Wide range of topics: The current offerings include:
    • The 4Cs of Diamonds: Each course focuses on a single C (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) for a comprehensive understanding.
    • The Natural Diamond Story: Provides insights into the origin and journey of natural diamonds.
    • Lab Grown Diamonds: Explores the creation and characteristics of lab-grown diamonds.

Benefits of IGI eLearning:

  • Flexible learning: Take courses at your own pace and convenience, on-demand.
  • Engaging learning experience: The interactive format keeps learners actively involved.
  • Cost-effective: Potentially a more affordable option compared to traditional classroom learning.
  • Receive recognition: Upon completing all courses and passing the quizzes, you can earn an IGI Certificate of Completion.