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School of Gemology Course Catalog

Graduate Programs

Graduate Gemologist Program, G.G.


Diamond Graduate Program, D.G.


Colored Stone Graduate Program, C.S.G.


Jewelry Design Graduate Program, J.D.G.


Diamond Courses

Polished Diamond (Short Course)


Polished Diamond


Online Polished Diamond


Advanced Polished Diamond


Rough Diamond


Professional Diamantaire


Diamond Assortment & Mounted Jewelry


Colored Stone Courses

Colored Stone Course


Identification Of Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire


Colored Stone Identification


Colored Stone Grading & Evaluation


Synthetics, Imitations & Treatments Identification


Pearl Grading & Evaluation


Organic Gemstones


Colored Stone Gem Cutting & Faceting


Jewelry Design Courses

Jewelry Design – Classic level 2


Digital Jewelry Design (IPAD) Level 2


Jewelry Design – Classic level 1


JewelPad Design


Digital Jewelry Design (IPAD) Level 1


Jewelry Design – CAD (CrossGems)


Jewelry Design – CAD (Rhino)


Jewelry Business Essentials


Jewelry Merchandiser


Online JewelPad Design


Online Accelerated Jewelry Design – Manual


Online Accelerated Jewelry Design – CAD (Rhino)


Online Jewelry Business Essentials