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Shopping by computer and smartphone is on the rise, with no sign of stopping. From household necessities to luxury items, retailers are looking for more effective ways to communicate the strengths of their products online.

In the interest of serving consumers and retailers alike, IGI recently introduced a new digital platform for loose or mounted diamonds, gemstones and jewelry items.

Digital. Educational. Customizable.

Whether in-store or surfing from home, consumers can open a product page on IGI’s platform which includes the item’s official grading report, information on the gem or jewelry item and a series of educational videos. The modular information can be customized by the seller, offering the opportunity to include store logo, “about us” information, etc., in tandem with the product’s official IGI Report.

Watch a 45-second video overview

In addition to the suite of customizable modules, the desktop layout includes a grading-summary panel on the left, and the full International Gemological Institute menu in the header.

The mobile layout is designed will all the functionality of the desktop layout, including the full IGI menu at top right. Both versions have a feed featuring the latest posts from the IGI GemBlog in the footer.

For more information about this versatile new Digital Report Platform, contact IGI.

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