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Diamond music to ROCK you. Which is your favorite?

Join me, music lovers.

Click the playlist below and put your earbuds on. Turn up your laptop. Connect your Bluetooth speaker. Stream it all through your supernova-sized powered home stereo, and share this epic collection of diamond-studded songs with all of your neighbors.

Tell me your favorites.

I’ve been listening and bopping my head as I write this and now you’re here. So let’s tap our feet, wave our hands or even get up and dance. A wonderful reader provided this playlist to share with all of you on the IGI GemBlog (thank you Jay!) and it’s a diamond doozy!

So put on your bow-tie, shave your bearding (don’t nick yourself) and fire up for a very-thick playlist of brilliant compositions, rhythmic clarity, melodies with color and songs with vivid heart! Oh…VS: if your princess deserves flawless treatment then polish your behavior and include her (but knot your rough neighbor… he’s the pits).

Okay, I’ll cut it out.

Just hit play – and tell me your favorites!

Whether you’re alone, sequestered with your loved ones or celebrating our world’s medical professionals out on your terrace, share the joy. Music is expression and expression is freedom.

This hour of beauty is brought to you by the IGI GemBlog.

Thanks again Jay, for the wonderful diamond tunes!

Which do you like best? Care to comment?

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