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‘Diavik Midnight Sun’ combines diamonds from Canada & Australia

Rio Tinto has introduced an 18.08 carat yellow diamond from their Diavik mine in Canada, flanked by 4.09 carats of pink diamonds from their retired Argyle mine in Australia. Named the ‘Diavik Midnight Sun,’ the piece was inspired by visions of the sun, when seen at midnight in the Arctic, resulting in a blaze of pink and golden hues across the sky.

22.17 carats total weight

A collaboration between Rio Tinto, Australian luxury jeweler Musson, and rare gem specialist Glajz THG, the ring has an estimated value of approximately $1.25 million. The center stone was polished from a 36.75 carat rough crystal, described as one of the finest large yellow diamonds ever extracted at Diavik. Pink diamonds extracted from the iconic Argyle mine are among the industry’s most coveted gemstones. Patrick Coppens, General Manager of diamond sales and marketing for Rio Tinto commented:

This combination of a rare yellow Diavik diamond and Argyle Pink Diamonds, the rarest diamonds in the world, is a special moment in the history of Rio Tinto’s unique place in the natural fancy colored diamond industry.

Diavik Midnight Sun Diamond Ring
Photo credit: Musson


Natural Diamonds Benefits

The Canadian and Australian diamond industries were established with a specific commitment to training and employing their countries’ indigenous people. Mining areas in Australia are rehabilitated after closure and the Canadian government requires 3 acres of environmental protection and biodiversity programs for every acre a mine occupies.

The Diavik Midnight Sun is being offered for sale by Musson as part of their 50th anniversary celebration.

Musson is proud to unveil the Diavik Midnight Sun to the world, where it will continue to light the way in a celebration of the rarity and natural beauty of two of the most remote and hauntingly beautiful places on earth.

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