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Did You Know? The Vital Role of IGI

First published in National Jeweler.

Over the past 10 years the diamond and jewelry industry has evolved at a dizzying pace. During that time IGI has played a pivotal role in diamond authentication, reporting, education, and advocacy for both professionals and consumers. Today, more than ever, it’s critical to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats present in our industry. To that end IGI has proactively launched initiatives to serve every sector from mine to market. This article explores IGI’s purpose, the broader role of grading laboratories in the jewelry industry, and how IGI is elevating this sparkling sector.

Role #1. Authentication First: A Shield for Luxury Brands and Consumers

Did you know that nearly all the world’s luxury brands have relied on IGI for decades, entrusting the institute with the screening of millions of carats of melee, to ensure the pieces they sell contain no mixed goods? In an industry where trust is paramount, IGI’s protection of our most celebrated brands is invaluable. The shield of protection IGI provides is also available to every retailer, as well as consumers buying on the secondary market, offering a level of security that is indispensable in the world of high-value jewelry. There is no substitute for trust and certainty. From the most prestigious boutiques on Fifth Avenue to consumers in Middle America, IGI’s commitment to accuracy and transparency is a linchpin that elevates the jewelry industry as a whole.

Role #2. Bulletproof Reporting: Transparency and Assurance

One of IGI’s primary services is unbiased reporting. This begins with affordable screening of loose melee – sorted, separated, and sealed by category. It continues with a variety of loose diamond and gemstone reports. However, in today’s diverse market the most useful service IGI offers may be grading reports for finished jewelry. In this age of mixing natural and lab grown stones, along with color in creative pieces, a one-page IGI jewelry report detailing every aspect of the piece is a no-brainer. Designers and retailers even co-brand with IGI, placing their logo on the document, and can request an appraised replacement value for insurance purposes. Whether describing standard sapphires or exotic materials from bixbite to zoisite, a single ironclad document from IGI raises consumer confidence when buying jewelry and elevates trust in our industry. Furthermore, IGI’s appraisals are accepted by all major insurance companies, providing peace of mind that a consumer’s precious possessions are adequately insured. The unique possibility of co-branding with IGI enhances the credibility and value of the appraisal process, making it a win-win for all stakeholders.

Role #3. Education and Awareness: Stay informed!

In our rapidly changing sector, getting the latest information is essential. IGI is at the forefront of education and awareness campaigns to keep professionals up to date on the newest developments and educate consumers on the importance of authenticity and verification. If you are not subscribed to IGI’s GemNews newsletter and the IGI GemBlog, you can sign up for weekly information to your inbox that will keep you up to speed. The Institute is constantly disseminating both basic knowledge and the latest breaking news over those channels, social media, press releases, webinars, seminars, and online and in-person courses worldwide. By providing a platform for learning and discussion, IGI empowers industry professionals to make informed decisions. And by streaming knowledge and promoting transparency, IGI contributes to the growth of a more informed and trusting consumer base.

Role #4. Industry Advocacy: Supporting all compass points. 

In addition to unbiased independent reporting, IGI has stood for nearly a half-century as a staunch advocate for all stakeholders in the jewelry industry. Whether you are operating a small store in a strip mall, a luxury boutique on Fifth Avenue, a family-owned business or an online sales platform IGI advocates for your proposition and your place in our industry. From the first roots in Antwerp’s famed diamond district in 1975, to a seat on the World Diamond Council and 30 IGI locations operating around the world today, IGI champions the cause of all entities who responsibly sell gemstones and jewelry. As the first institute to hold ISO accreditation in the grading of both natural and lab grown diamonds, the Institute’s commitment to authenticity, transparency, and education benefits all sellers in our industry and their specific sales propositions.


The International Gemological Institute (IGI) plays a pivotal role in the jewelry industry by upholding the values of authenticity, transparent reporting, education, and support. As the guardian of trust, IGI ensures that luxury brands, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers can navigate the jewelry market with confidence. With comprehensive reporting, commitment to education, and advocacy for all stakeholders, IGI is an industry cornerstone, elevating fellow professionals to new heights of credibility and integrity. 

In a world where the sparkle of a gemstone is only as brilliant as the trust behind it, IGI’s purpose and contributions are truly invaluable.

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