IGI D Show

First International IGI D Show occurring in Dubai May 5-7

The popular IGI D Show will take place from May 5-7 in Dubai, UAE. Over 100,000 designs from 33 jewelry manufacturers will be on display for representatives from more than 150 prominent retail brands and chain stores. Hosted on 14 prior occasions, the 15th D Show at the Hilton Dubai, Al Habtoor City will be the event’s first international edition.

Industry Impetus

The D Show began its journey in 2011. Throughout its evolution, IGI has focused on facilitating networking and knowledge events on an unbiased platform where trade professionals can connect, gain insight from each other and grow, providing impetus to the overall development of the industry.

Stringent Criteria

Manufacturers permitted to exhibit at IGI’s event are held to a set of high standards which include gemstone and precious metal quality assurances, superior service offerings and a reputation for conducting business according to best practices. Over 12 years of growth the D Show has gained recognition as a reliable jewelry marketplace where leading retailers can reliably source high quality diamond jewelry from trusted suppliers.

Video Testimonials

Over the years, this event has evolved from a buyer-seller meet to a close community that gives back to its patrons. After 14 successful editions, it’s motivating to hear participants willingly share their stories of growth and success. From shared knowledge and networking to exploration of commercial avenues and establishing relationships that matter, the IGI D Show consistently exceeds expectations.

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Interested professionals can select “Contact Us” on the IGI D Show website.

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John Pollard

John Pollard is Senior Director of Education for IGI, managing the institute’s education and diploma programs taught at 18 schools of gemology around the world, and instructing new eLearning courses, tutorials, and seminars to IGI clients in all industry sectors, including leading luxury brands.

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