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IGI gives advice in World Bride Magazine

Stacey Marcus recently offered a number of Trends and Tips on the Modern Way to find your Dream Diamond for World Bride Magazine.

In a world that has undergone significant change with the evolution of digital technology, Stacey pointed out that couples have been using online resources to find engagement rings for many years. Advancing that concept, she addressed some of the most common questions couples shopping for engagement rings online may be considering:

Is it possible to buy a quality engagement ring online? What questions should we ask when shopping for a ring online? Can you design a ring online?

Photo Credit: World Bride Magazine and JTV

Advice from IGI

One of the experts Stacey contacted for her piece was Scott Friedman, Master Gemologist Appraiser with IGI North America. Focusing on what consumers should be asking when purchasing online (or under any circumstances), Scott outlined three key questions covering authenticity, transparency, and both short and long-term protection.

  1. Does the diamond come with a grading report from a reputable gemological lab?
  2. What is the online store’s return policy?
  3. Do I need to purchase jewelry insurance for the ring once I receive it?

Other professionals who provided advice were Kim Kanary, Vice President of Community Development & Engagement at JTV, Marti Greathouse, Director of Corporate Communications at Helzberg Diamonds and Trisha Spillane, Senior Director, Public Relations & Marketing at Hearts on Fire.

“Know your partners’ ring size,” advised Trisha. She encouraged buyers hoping to surprise their partner to be sure and check their jewelry box for other rings, or find another method to correctly document their size. I heartily endorse this advice. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as receiving a beautiful gift that not only thrills, but fits perfectly the first time it goes on.

Photo credit: World Bride Magazine

World Bride Magazine (WBM) is styled as the premier multicultural and multiethnic global lifestyle bridal magazine for the woman who has not only a palette for life’s pleasures but also the discerning taste and disposable income to make luxury purchases set by her own standards. Stacy Marcus’ work has appeared in Boston magazine, Boston Common, Bride & Groom Magazine, Destination I Do, Modern Luxury Weddings Boston and Chicago, Ocean Home and

You can read the article in its entirety here.



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