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IGI and Gem-Tech present Sales Support Tools in Italy

On June 13 the International Gemological Institute, Italy and Gem-Tech presented a workshop entitled “Sales Support Tools: Magazines and Certificates.” The well-attended session took place at Officina Vanvitelli, in the Monumental Complex of the Belvedere di San Leucio, Caserta, Italy.

Reliable Business Support Tools

Francesco Sequino, representing the institute, focused on the use of IGI grading reports as transparent, reliable tools for strengthening confidence and trust among consumers.

IGI Presentation
Photo Credit: Gem-Tech Istituto Gemmologico

Alkiyima Magazine

Gem-Tech presented Alkimiya Magazine, a new international digital publication aimed at jewelry professionals and enthusiasts, created with Officina Vanvitelli, a spin-off of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”.  Alkimiya Magazine plans to facilitate job placement for skilled young people, implementing IGI scholarship programs in support of talented students, with an overarching goal of increasing collaboration between young researchers, designers and others in the industry.

The International Gemological Institute is one of the magazine’s Main Sponsors, providing continuing support to the publication’s editorial initiatives since 2017 along with IGR – Rivista Italiana di Gemmologia, the sole Italian publication on gemology.

Alkimiya Magazine

Available Now

Alkiyima Magazine issue 0, published in Italian and English, is available online free of charge and features an array of valuable information about gemstone design, master designers, talent hothouses at universities and current industry trends, contests and photos. The publication initiative, supported by the International Gemological Institute and IGR – Rivista Italiana di Gemmologia, led to the launch of an extremely user-friendly digital platform.

Diplomas Issued

This event was the first in-person meeting organized by IGI in Italy since the COVID-19 outbreak. It represented an opportunity to present 14 IGI Graduates with their new credentials in a customary diploma ceremony. The last pre-pandemic event took place in Marcianise, Caserta, in 2019.

IGI Graduates
Photo Credit: Gem-Tech Istituto Gemmologico


The IGI session was part of a wider program of events focused on the beneficial properties of minerals and gemstones from volcanic areas, and a presentation of fine jewelry items resulting from collaborations between the industry and young jewelry designers from prestigious schools around Italy.

Monumental Complex of the Belvedere di San Leucio
The Monumental Complex of the Belvedere di San Leucio

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