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IGI featured on My Favorite Things podcast

Diamond lover Joanna Park-Tonks founded CHELSEA ROCKS to deliver ‘the creme de la creme of laboratory grown diamonds.’ Offered as an alternative to natural diamonds, the London-based company sells 18 karat gold earrings and high end accessories set with laboratory grown diamonds, all of which come from a certified carbon neutral source.

The company podcast “My Favorite Things” recently featured IGI North American President Avi Levy. In the 22 minute session Avi and Joanna discuss the evolution of laboratory grown diamonds in the jewelry sector, beginning with IGI’s historic trade alert uncovering attempts at fraud in 2012, to the notable popularity of laboratory grown diamonds as a conscious alternative to natural diamonds today.

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Throughout the discussion the dual channel legitimacy of natural and laboratory grown diamonds is discussed, with emphasis on the need for disclosure, transparency and full reporting, so shoppers can make purchase decisions with confidence.

Avi Levy on

In addition to confirming that laboratory grown diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to natural diamonds, Avi touches on details of their production and the important role cut quality plays in the resultant diamond beauty. Also underscored is the importance of education for those who sell laboratory grown diamonds.

Understanding diamonds is a balance between science and art. – Joanna Park-Tonks

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