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IGI Grades 3 Unique Greenlab Creations Including World’s Largest

IGI has analyzed and graded 27.27 carat, 20.24 carat and 15.16 carat lab grown diamonds produced by Greenlab Diamonds LLP as part of their “sustainable and affordable luxury” project. The 27.27 and 20.24 carat gemstones are the largest polished lab grown diamonds ever produced.

On Display at JCK

Jewelry professionals and enthusiasts attending JCK Las Vegas will have the opportunity to see all three of Greenlab’s creations at booth #8131. According to Sanket Patel of Greenlab Diamonds:

Lab Grown Diamonds are for everyone. We want to display it to the world at JCK for consumers to experience the product. Our workmanship is what makes us different from the rest and we invite our fraternity members to witness the same.

The exceptional trio were named in honor of the popular mantra Om Namah Shivaya, a meditative expression thousands of years old. Among other things, the final syllables symbolize the elements, earth, water, fire, air and space.


The world record holder, a 27.27 carat marquise step cut with dimensions of 34.46 x 18.21 x 5.27 mm, was named Om, after the mystic syllable, and represents the company’s vision to make India the world leader in the lab grown diamond sector. Om has the additional distinction of finishing “as-grown,” needing no post-growth treatment to enhance color.



Named for the second component of the popular mantra, Namah is a 15.16 carat pear rose cut measuring 24.52 x 15.60 x 4.56 mm. Namah also finished “as-grown,” requiring no additional treatment.



The 20.24 carat emerald cut, now the world’s second largest polished lab grown diamond, measures 22.17 x 10.93 x 7.26 mm and was named for the mantra’s closing syllables.


‘Sustainable and Affordable Luxury’

Greenlab Diamonds has a heritage stretching back more than 50 years. Known for extending diamond industry boundaries through technology and innovation, the company is currently working to bridge the gap between the diamond industry and a CO2 emission-free world by producing thousands of carats of sustainably produced lab grown diamonds per month. According to Mr. Patel:

We are committed to cultivating better diamonds; sustainable and affordable luxury that nurtures people and the planet. IGI has been our certifying partner from the very beginning and their advanced technology and research pursuits are commendable.

Sanket Patel
Sanket Patel, Greenlab Diamonds

A Surge of Interest

The lab grown diamond sector is experiencing a surge in interest from millennial and Generation Z buyers, who also focus on social responsibility. This makes the Greenlab-IGI relationship advantageous to buyers, as IGI became the first gemological institute to commit to carbon neutrality in 2021. Tehmasp Printer, Managing Director of IGI India commented on the partnership:

We are happy to partner with Greenlab’s project for sustainably produced opulence. With IGI’s revolutionary technology onboard, it has become easier to grade lab grown diamonds for the evolution of the lab grown category, worldwide. We look forward to more such path-breaking pursuits considering the opportunities that are yet to be explored in this segment.

Tehmasp Printer
Tehmasp Printer, IGI India


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