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IGI Resumes Diploma Programs in Turkey

IGI has resumed classes in Istanbul, again providing Middle East residents with training and paths to careers in the diamond, gem, and jewelry industry. Students from Turkey, Syria, and Iran attended the first classes to recommence last month.

Gemological Credentials

After instructional coursework, equipment training and hands-on practice, students who successfully pass the final examination receive an IGI diamond grading diploma, issued by IGI’s schools of gemology since 1980.

IGI Classroom

IGI CEO Roland Lorie commented on the resumption:

IGI is pleased to resume education in Turkey. Our classes in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir were well attended through the 2010s. Now we have resumed the same popular program with the same experienced teacher.

The institute currently offers diploma programs on nearly 20 campuses around the world. IGI also provides ongoing education for global luxury brands, retail support programs for national chains and independent jewelers, on-demand seminars, webinars and a set of interactive eLearning courses to benefit professionals and consumer enthusiasts alike.

IGI Classroom

According to IGI Senior Director of Education John Pollard:

We are excited to extend new learning opportunities. In addition to grading skills IGI students learn the latest developments in this constantly evolving industry, empowering them to quickly begin or advance in their careers.

“Providing instruction as well as grading services will help many people in our area,” added Mehmet Iscan, Manager of IGI Turkey. “There is high interest from those in and out of the diamond industry around Turkey and the Middle East. We are delighted with the turnout and look forward to expanding our offerings.”

IGI Classroom

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