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Meylor Produces World Record 150 & 141ct Lab Grown Rough Diamonds

IGI has analyzed world record setting 150.42 and 141.48 carat lab grown rough diamond crystals produced by Meylor Global.

These crystals smash the previous world record of 115 carats, also set by Meylor Global in September, 2020. The historic type IIb crystals were produced using the HPHT process and are seen here as-grown.

  • The 150.42 carat blue opaque crystal measures 28.55 x 28.25 x 22.53 mm.
  • The 141.58 carat gray, semi-translucent crystal measures 28.90 x 28.50 x 20.75 mm.

Meylor Global Lab Grown Diamonds

Videos, Photos and Grading Reports

150.42 carats – Top View: Click for more photos

150.42 carats – Bottom View: Click for more photos

141.58 carat – Top View: Click for more photos

141.58 carat – Bottom View: Click for more photos

Ultraviolet analysis

Both crystals were subjected to standard long wave (366 nm) and short wave (254) ultraviolet light and found to be inert.

Lab Grown Rough Diamonds

More To Come

In September, 2020, Meylor Global CEO Yuliya Kusher commented on these type IIb crystals and the company’s larger goals.

The semiconducting properties of our large type IIb diamond stones, specifically intended to produce the single sector diamond plates ((111) or 100) orientations, will greatly facilitate the development of diamond based electronics by boosting the related research with CVD methods diamond layers overgrowth… The significant milestone of 100ct+ size in diamond size was achieved by our company in a very short time and the next even more promising target of 200 ct+ is right now under deep scientific investigation.

About Meylor Global

Meylor Global is an international supplier of lab-grown diamonds. Produced using the HPHT process, which replicates and accelerates natural growth, their inventory includes weights from 0.01 to 20.00 carats, offered in a broad range of colorless and fancy-colored options. Meylor Global’s polished lab-grown diamonds are graded to the same specifications as natural diamonds and accompanied by Diamond Grading Reports from leading independent laboratories. You can learn more on Facebook, Instagram or the company website.

Lab Grown Rough Diamond


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