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More Fabulous Finalists from IGI’s Jewelry Design Contest

IGI brought over two dozen finalist designs to life for the finals of the IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest.

Selected by esteemed contest jurists from over 700 submissions, the finished finalist designs were adjudicated from perspectives of creativity, use of materials, budget, feasibility of production and wearability. Contest participation was free and open to anyone. Each finalist received a Contest Excellence Award trophy, certificate, introduction to the media and exposure on various channels.

Collision and Fusion

The contest theme, “Collision and Fusion,” implied crystal collision in gemstone growth and stylistic cultural fusion. It was also chosen to reflect the collision of our shared global experience and the fusion of human adaptation during unprecedented times.

IGI, and event partner House of Jewelry Creation provided resources to fabricate all finalist designs. We presented five of them last week. We are delighted to present five more of them here.

Presented in no particular order:


Inspiration: I have exaggerated the structure and shape of the braces. Combined with the diamond form, this attempts to represent the hidden aesthetic truth of society under the light of a huge aura of “beauty”. The face shape of the man influenced by the huge frame of the mask sets off the dreamlike trap of the consumerist era.

Final Creation


Inspiration: This work borrows the value symbol “diamond” to express the existence of inclusions. It should not be a bias to judge values. People’s pursuit of a “flawless diamond” meets the aesthetic needs of the general sense.

Final Creation

The Two Rites

Inspiration: Inspiration comes from the theory of Yin and Yang balance in Yi Zhuan. The art of interpreting ancient Chinese culture with figurative white birds and snakehead fish and modern lines. White birds for Yang, black fish for Yin. All things and phenomena in the vast universe contain Yin and Yang, as well as both sides of the surface – and inside.

Final Creation

The Mystery Of Life

Inspiration:The core, mantle, crust, ocean. Plates collide again and again. Different substances fuse under high temperature and high pressure for hundreds of millions of years, forming a rare gem. Man is also a rare creation of God, with his own DNA code. The light of human nature is like gems and gold.

Final Creation

The Tea Crossing

Inspiration: The work is inspired by the “yin and yang” in ancient Chinese philosophy. When yin and yang collide, they absorb, harmonize and merge with each other. The work combines the three yin and yang circles in space and makes them staggered and twisted. Tea consumption originated in China and became popular in Europe. This work uses two completely different forms of tea due to the different tea drinking habits of the East and the West as design elements. The final shape of the radial rotating drill point shows the collision and integration of Eastern and Western lifestyles in the tea culture.

Final Creation

More to Come

We’ll be sharing one more post with photos from our last IGI Jewelry Design Contest finalists. Be sure to subscribe to the IGI GemBlog for a weekly roundup linking you directly to the newest posts.

Thanks and Appreciation from IGI

The panel of prestigious judges joining IGI for this event included Stephen WebsterDavid Gotlib, Paola De Luca, Alexandre CorrotMauro Vegliante, Maria Laura La Mantia, Philip Sajet and Zheng Liangdong, along with special jurists Wang Jin Yuan of Fosun, Jiang Qionger of Shangxia and Jing Jing of Bazaar Jewelry.

IGI sincerely thanks these jurists, and expresses appreciation and congratulations to the hundreds of talented creatives who participated in this inaugural event.

Winners’ Showcase

In addition to this series of finalist designs, cash awards and scholarships were presented to a Grand Champion, two Silver Medalists and four Outstanding Designs in different materials’ categories. Click to see our IGI Jewelry Design Contest winners’ showcase.

The IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest is intended to foster artistic communication, cultural diversity and beauty through modern jewelry design. We hope the outstanding works from this year’s contest will attract and inspire future participation from creatives around the world who love jewelry, design, and life.

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