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New York Magazine touts IGI grading reports

In an article titled “The Best Fine Jewelry You Can Buy Online” 10 writers and editors from New York Magazine’s Strategist tested the eCommerce jewelry experience firsthand, ordering earrings and necklaces online from direct-to-consumer brands.

A matter of trust

Asking up-front “Can you trust them?” the article’s mission involved more than product quality. It was an exercise in consumer confidence, including the ability to verify the authenticity and value of jewelry ordered online after delivery. To that end, packaging and supporting documents were scrutinized as much as the aesthetic quality and durability of the jewelry items themselves.

For a period of two weeks the authors put a plethora of pieces through practical paces during work, exercise and social outings.

Twice is nice

In two cases, IGI was referenced for grading reports authenticating the ordered pieces.

Senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson chose two pieces adorned with diamonds graded by IGI. She described the items and supporting documents.

The necklace is the real stunner, though, and earned me plenty of compliments. It’s comprised of five diamonds – a square in the center surrounded by four marquise diamonds – that look like a larger single stone. The chain passes through a round gold pendant that the diamonds hover within, giving the “dancing” effect in the name… Since both pieces feature diamonds, a grading report from the International Gemological Institute was included for each, detailing the size, color, and clarity of the stones, which all matched the descriptions on the website.

Photo credit: Noémie

Writer Hillary Reid also chose studs and a necklace with diamonds graded by IGI.

The necklace, which has 11 small diamonds set in an 18k white-gold chain, is something I could easily imagine wearing all the time… They came with an identification report from the International Gemological Institute detailing the shape, cut, color, and clarity of the pieces.

Image credit: Verlas

We are pleased to have played a small role in the development of this article, especially one relating to consumer confidence. And, while IGI Diamond Reports are specifically mentioned, we will take this opportunity to mention our provision of grading reports for finished jewelry – as well as diamonds and colored gemstones.

The Strategist is a division of New York Magazine. Their stated purpose is “to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape.”

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