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Rapaport Reveals Instagram Jewelry Favorites of 2020

Brace for beautiful

As 2020 came to a close the Rapaport Group revealed what the 80,000 followers of their Instagram account @jewelryconnoisseur_by_rapaport had liked and saved the most.

Instagram Jewelry Favorites of 2020, published on, reveals a collection of bold, aesthetically distinctive pieces. We won’t reveal all of them here, please click over to the original piece for that, but we’ll provide a preview to tempt you into doing just that.

Bold and peaceful

Interestingly, the bold, striking choices accompanied a predilection for blue and green gemstones which, according to author Sonia Esther Soltani, is “a clear sign the audience was looking for soothing, peaceful colors in this challenging year:”

It was therefore not surprising that the only colored diamond that made it to our top 10, in the 10th spot, was a marquise-cut, 12.11-carat, fancy-intense-blue diamond ring that sold for $15.9 million at Christie’s Hong Kong in July — making it the highest-value item for the auction house in 2020.

Image Credit: JewelryConnoisseur by Rapaport

The eighth place image is a beautiful emerald tribute. As described by Sonia:

Next up was this high-jewelry masterpiece from Place Vendôme-based Reza: the Moon ring in platinum set with an emerald-cut, 9.88-carat diamond, and two half-moon Colombian emeralds. ⁠

Image Credit: JewelryConnoisseur by Rapaport

Distinctively different, the sixth-place favorite is this D-Flawless pair of pears:

While diamond rings dominate the list, the notable exception was these Willow platinum earrings set with a pair of pear-shaped, D-color, internally flawless diamonds weighing 5.24 and 5.28 carats, with diamond pavé. Designed by Mr. Lieou, a rising star on the high-jewelry scene, as part of a capsule collection for Sotheby’s Diamonds, they took the sixth place.

Image Credit: JewelryConnoisseur by Rapaport

Fourth place is another emerald cut, one to die-for if you love fiercely beautiful design:

The fourth most popular piece, Shahla Karimi’s Mid-Century Kahn emerald-cut, 2-carat diamond ring and removable cigar band jacket, was a dream for the modern bride looking for a streamlined design.

Image Credit: JewelryConnoisseur by Rapaport

In second place, a soothingly visual representation of a musical crescendo – in a shape reminiscent of the traditional, conical French horn.

The second-most-saved jewel was Katkim’s intriguing Grande Crescendo Flare ring in 18-karat yellow gold with diamonds. Its curvy, spiraling design made it the ideal self-purchase for women (or men) looking for a statement-making ornament.

Image Credit: JewelryConnoisseur by Rapaport

To see first place, and the entirety of the Top 10, view the article on

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