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See this ‘Graffabulous’ 50 carat Diamond in Palm Beach

A phenomenal 50 carat diamond (pictured above) is available for viewing by appointment in Palm Beach. The centerpiece of a high jewelry collection titled “Graffabulous,” the new owner of this historic D Flawless oval cut will have the opportunity to name the diamond before Graff adds it to their timeline of famous gemstones.

The boutique, located at 221 Worth Avenue, is open all days except Sunday from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Private viewing appointments can be arranged by calling Carissa Robinson +1 561 355 9292 or sending an email.

Graff Palm Beach Boutique
Photo credit: Graff

According to Graff:

The oval cut is an exquisite shape that combines the renowned radiance of a round brilliant cut diamond with a curved, elongated silhouette. The proportions of an oval cut are key to its beauty, with the 50.08 carat D Flawless oval diamond displaying the most sought-after combination of an excellent cut, with a perfectly symmetrical silhouette and a length-to-width balance.

3,600+ Carats

The Graffabulous exhibition in Florida includes some 80 exceptional pieces from the English jeweler, set with more than 3,600 combined carats of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Necklaces and rings are said to feature prominently in the collection.

Previous Pieces

For those of us who aren’t in Palm Beach, here is a feast of beautiful Graff creations, splendidly set to music and nicely described on Andrew Pidor’s YouTube channel.

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