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See Video of a $1.2M Gingerbread & Gemstone House

In the 1800s fairy tale Hansel and Gretel two wayward children come upon a house made of gingerbread, covered in frosting and candy.

This month Bailey’s Fine Jewelry in Raleigh, North Carolina, created their own fairy tale gingerbread house. This one is valued at more than $1.27 million. Best of all, it features diamonds, pearls and gemstones – not a cannibalistic witch.

Take that, Brothers Grimm 

Gingerbread Jewelry

According to JCK Online, the project came together with Marci Bailey of Bailey’s Fine Jewelry working the gemstones while Lindsay Deibler brought in the sweetness. Deibler is known locally as the Ginger Gingerbread Lady for both her hair and her skill with holiday baking. She also recently appeared on the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown in November.

Lindsay Deibler’s comments:

Gingerbread always brings the magic of the holidays to life and a smile to people’s faces, very much like elegantly crafted jewelry. Every year people create magical holiday dreams with gingerbread, which they fancifully accessorize with decorations. In much the same way, people accessorize with elegant jewelry. So the two make a perfect match over the holidays.

Treasure Hunt

If you look closely, you will find a Rolex timepiece, 93.7 carats of diamonds, 155 pearls and 51.8 carats of sapphires and aquamarines sparkling through the sugar. This gingerbread treasure is for sale – so if you know someone with sparkle in their eyes and a sweet tooth they can take it home for the holidays.

Gingerbread and Gemstones
Photo credit: Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

Read more by Karen Dybis at JCK Online.

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