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‘Spirit of the Rose’ dances to auction Nov 11

Inspired by the ballet “Le Spectre de la rose,” a dancing miniature premiered by the influential Ballet Russes company in 1911, the “Spirit of the Rose” is a spectacular Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink diamond weighing 14.83 carats.

In just 20 days this ultra-rare diamond will find a new home, when it’s offered via live auction by Sotheby’s Geneva. The auction house estimates this incredibly rare find could command up to $38 million.

From Russia With Love

The rough crystal which produced the “Spirit of the Rose” was unearthed in 2017 at the Ebelyakh deposit in the Republic of Yakutia, in northeast Russia. Celebrated as the Discovery of the Year by National Jeweler, the 27.85 carat rough diamond was named the “Nijinsky,” in honor of one of Ballet Russes most celebrated dancers – the man who portrayed the Rose in “Le Spectre de la rose,” – Vaslav Nijinski.

Photo credit: Sotheby’s

The largest pink rough diamond ever mined in Russia, the “Nijinsky” was planned and cut at the Diamonds ALROSA cutting factory in Moscow, with great care and attention, converting it with maximum effect. The choice of oval shape ensured that the diamond would be of the maximum possible size, and the faceting serves to illuminate and emphasize its unique vivid coloration.

“Richness and purity”

Gary Schuler, Chairman of Sotheby’s Worldwide Jewellery Division, commented on the special nature of “The Spirit of the Rose.”

The occurrence of pink diamonds in nature is extremely rare in any size. Only one per cent of all pink diamonds are larger than 10-carats and only four percent of all pink diamonds are graded Fancy Vivid and display a rich, vivid color. Having the opportunity to offer a large polished pink diamond of over 10-carats and with the richness of color and purity of The Spirit of the Rose is therefore truly exceptional. The diamond’s character and immense presence is further enhanced by its perfect cut and oval shape: the numerous facets and shades of pink dance in front of your eyes in a mesmerizing way. It is a natural wonder, steeped in Russia’s century-long diamond tradition and cultural heritage.

Photo credit: Nihal Demirci, Unsplash

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