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Spooky Spider Brooches for Halloween

Time for sparkling treats, and I’m not tricking around here. Check out these hairy, scary, wearable masterpieces. Delicious as Halloween candy, these eerie-sistible designs are fit for the world’s finest boo-tiques!

So share this post with other jewelry lovers and give ’em pumpkin to talk about… Now let’s get startled.

Hemmerle’s Fa-BOO-lous ‘Tarantula’ brooch

Hemmerle's Tarantula brooch
Photo Credit: Hemmerle Juweliere

Hemmerle’s iconic 1995 ‘Tarantula’ brooch was created as part of the family’s “Art of Nature” series. This hand-crafted, bespoke collection included extraordinary materials crafted into one-of-a-kind jewels over a period of nearly 20 years.  The 117.76 carat dark brown conch pearl that forms the back end of the tarantula is one of the largest and rarest conch pearls in the world. The turtle shells are crafted from gemstones of an exceptional size and quality – a 100.47 carat yellow sapphire and a 71.93 carat emerald – surrounded by more than 130 carats of both sapphires and emeralds.

Lydia Courteille – We’re under your spell

A well-known brooch from Lydia Courteille's celebrated Homage to Surrealism collection
Photo Credit: Lydia Courteille

A well-known piece from Lydia Courteille’s celebrated Homage to Surrealism collection, this animated spider brooch features a pair of beautiful, haunting and theme-appropriate moonstones. Leaves fashioned from green garnets sprout from its lively legs, contributing to its estimated value of nearly $70,000.

David Webb – Witchful thinking

David Webb's Witchful thinking brooch
Photo Credit:

Not only does David Webb have the perfect name for this creation, it’s for sale. That’s right. Set with brilliant cut diamonds in platinum and 18k gold, with a hypnotic yellow-sapphire cushion cut at its center – which can be detached and worn separately – this astonishing arachnid adornment can be yours for the modest price of $158,000 (shipping is included).

If you’ve got it, haunt it!

Woman wearing David Webb's Witchful thinking brooch
Photo Credit:

Nothing would thrill me more, but it’s not in my holiday budget. So I’m creepin’ it real. After all, you can’t always get what you wand.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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